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Case study: Moorview Saddlery


Moorview Saddlery is an existing business with one physical store and an eBay store. Stock control is entirely manual, which is causing operational difficulties. In particular, items are sometimes sold on eBay when they are out of stock. There is a desire to expand online operations, to their own web site and Amazon.

Proposed solution


A Linked Retail Consultant went on site for a single day to understand the current internal processes listing, sales, dispatch, restocking, and accounting. The consultant determined the required customisations to EPOS and Orchestrator, and proposed a new set of operating procedures. These were warmly received as they reduced menial workload.

The stock database was generated by a Linked Retail Analyst who went on site for a period of two weeks. This included: item description, price, barcode, supplier, and where applicable, the eBay ID. Meanwhile, off-site, the EPOS and Orchestrator were customised for the client, and a set of operating documents produced.

The analyst then installed the EPOS and Orchestrator systems. Training was provided to staff, and performance closely monitored for an initial period. Further training was provided to management to ensure they made the best use of available features.

One month later the consultant return to perform a post-implementation review. A need was identified for further customisation to the EPOS, which was implemented. The manager also requested a full stock check, which was performed by the analyst.


Feedback from the client is highly positive. They have indicated an interest in further developments in the future, including courier integration and automated reordering.