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Linked Retail solutions are based on two key products: Linked Retail Orchestrator and Linked Retail EPOS. These fully integrate with each other and clients get the most benefit by implementing both.

Linked Retail Orchestrator

Linked Retail Orchestrator is a cloud-based service that integrates multiple retail channels into a unified system. The main features are:

Linked Publisher - Write a product description once, and automatically deploy it across multiple channels, with support for customisation on individual channels.

Unified Stock Control - When a product is sold on one channel, the stock levels are automatically updated on all channels, ensuring all orders placed can be fulfilled.

Business Vision - This management screen provides summary reporting across channels, for effective planning and reordering.

Dispatch Desk - A central workflow for dispatch operations that covers all the channels. The workflow is designed to promote efficiency and reduce errors, and supports multiple dispatch workers.

The channels currently supported include: eBay, 3D Cart, and physical stores, and the list is growing.

Linked Retail EPOS

Linked Retail EPOS is a package of hardware and software than enables a regular PC to be used a till. The main features are:

Till Hardware - This includes a barcode scanner, cash drawer, and receipt printer. These can be fitted to an existing computer, or a brand new system installed

EPOS Software - The software is easy to use, promoting an efficient and accurate sales process.

Back Office - Streamlined back office operations for entering product data and, if necessary, printing bar code labels.

Linked Retail EPOS can work standalone, with basic reporting, but the full benefits are realised by linking each EPOS to the Orchestrator, and its advanced reporting with Business Vision.